Ever since it’s inception the recycling has been a volunteer based system. For it to continue to work and be sustainable more people need to volunteer. Often, it’s the same handful of owners on each floor that are doing all the work for the majority.

Please do your part or this system will no longer be sustainable and our condo fees will go up.

What does a volunteer have to do to help with recycling?

For the Monday night that you have volunteered you need to remove the recycling bins from the area in our gated parkade and place them on the ramp near the main gate. The blue bins should be left on the ramp on the inside of the main gate.

They are placed on the inside of the main gate so no person or animal can access the recycling bins overnight.

Tuesday morning, the recycling trucks will pick up all the bins and at anytime Tuesday you will need to bring all the bins back to the recycling area inside our residential parkage.

Pretty simple! Please help out!