Information on the procedure for recycling and waste management. There are specific items that go into specific recycling containers. In order to keep condo fees at a minimum, each week a volunteer owner needs to move the recycling bins to the parkade ramp and bring them back the next day.

Learn more about being a volunteer here.

Garbage: Please ensure to only throw out bagged household garbage in the building garbage bins (no furniture items or electronics please). If necessary, please double bag your garbage.

Please do not dump your garbage or recyclables in the recycling area if they do not fall into the categories that are provided for our bins. For other items such as furniture, fixtures, electronics and more, please recycle them at a proper recycling depot.

Read more about Coquitlam city recycling depots here:

Owners that violate these rules will be fined $100 and forwarded any removal fees.

Recycling Guidelines


Please fold up or cut up your cardboard. Space is limited and it needs to be shared by everyone.

If you have a large amount, perhaps moving in, There is a recycling area very close by on Pipeline Road, just past the Inspiration Garden.


It’s always a good policy to shred your private documents and persona; information. There is a free shredding service carried out by the RCMP on a regular basis. The van comes to the car park of the police station. They do appreciate a food donation for the Food Bank. Keep an eye open in the free papers.


Please rinse out any container, remove lids and screw caps, which are not recyclable.


This is the one that some folk find confusing. We get ANYTHING that resembles plastic in there. Coat hangers, chocolate box liners, plastic wrap, plastic bags, shower caps…the list goes on! The rule is as follows. ONLY plastics with a triangle with the numbers 1, 2 , 4 and 5, usually on the bottom.

Plastic bags and that white polystyrene which is used in packing. Neither should go in our bins. In fact, the Strata can be fined by our pick-up company. Both can be taken to the ‘Recycle’ store on Falcon Drive/Barnett Highway or at Wal-Mart, as there’s a handy bin near each checkout area.

Latest Recycling News

PLEASE don’t just dump stuff in the recycling area. If you think that frying pan or those clothes are just too good to be thrown away, take them to Value Village in Runnel Drive and do some good for local charities. THE CAMERAS WILL SOON BE TURNED ON FOR EVERYONE WITH SHAW TV TO SEE…